Roman Osin, born - in Leipzig at the time of former East Germany, was already a bit of a globe trotter in his early formative years, preparing him well for the international career in Cinematography he was to achieve in his adulthood.


Blessed with a natural keen eye for the poetry of light, movement, and framing, he spent his teens hooked on movies and photography, and was a slam dunk for entering film school in London to carve out his future vocation. After the first – the LCP (now London School of Communication) He quickly asserted himself as a director of music videos before returning to the prestigious NFTS - National Film and Television School, to focus on Cinematography. 


Straight out of the gate, after his successful collaboration as dop on a student film that won the Cannes Student film award, his first feature film had him jump on a plane to India again with fellow film makers and shoot the two times Bafta award winning Debut feature by Asif Kapadia – “The Warrior”, which won a number of cinematography prizes and set his career in forward motion with a string of award winning films to follow, including the much loved “Pride and Prejudice" by Joe Wright, the brutally honest critically acclaimed “NEDs” by Peter Mullen. Asif’s later beautiful but dark psychological thriller “Far North”, and more recently the wonderfully tense Horror “Autopsy of Jane Doe" by Andre Ovredal.


Roman has also dabbled in TV, Doc’s and Commercials and remains as ever smiling and open for business!